Jones Kinsey - Rogue Accountant


There has been many disgruntled clients of Jones Kinsey Chartered Accountants firm yet Mark Jones still continues to trade as a Chartered Accountant, He plays on the fact he is a Chartered Accountant claiming to be the best when all he does is employ trainees who is not qualified leaves them to get on in the offices and spends his day drinking coffee pretending to be the top accounts firm in Shropshire gaining new clients. The staff struggle to do there job correctly with Mark Jones barely dealing with them leaving them to deal with business accounts. You try calling his office to talk to him and if anyone answers they will say he is either in a meeting or he is out on a meeting. If they dont answer then the top the best Jones Kinsey Chartered Accountants Shrewsbury answer phone message says "BT answer service sorry but mail box is full". The first girl he employed as a trainee and left her by herself to deal with accounts had to put him in court for her wages. Mark Jones does not even understand Sage?? work that one out. He says he wont charge much then gives you a hefty bill and I mean a hefty bill which he paid a trainee to do. How does a accountancy firm like this manage to be a chartered. If you are thinking about using Jones Kinsey then ask Mark Jones how many staff does he have then ask how many are qualified for him to put in writing and bet he wont. Ask how many companies he is a Director of to see if there is any conflict of interest.

Mark Jones of Jones Kinsey Chartered Accountants Shrewsbury do not trust. He also Director of another Accounts firm I have just learnt of the net called Stobbs and Co in Telford do not trust them either if he has anything to do with them do your homework.

I advise anyone not to use them you will be overcharged and totally under service. Mark Jones will pop in for coffee to say "oh we will do that for you honest no problem" to have a hefty bill on your door step. Mark Jones is nothing more than a conman. I was talking to another disgruntled client who was so angry about Mark Jones he could not believe after being told Jones Kinsey was the best and the price that was agreed was about 5 times the amount when bill landed to find his tax bill was way more than he expected compared to the year before with less turnover but thats not all to find out he was fined for late penalty with Mark Jones declaring he done nothing wrong and certainly did not try to put right. I am know hearing things about a company he was so called going to rescue, I wont mention the name as I have used their services but Mark Jones is now Director of who's totally ruining the company hearing stories he has not paid staff. He not paid suppliers which is a shame as they did offer great service to be ruined by Mark Jones Chartered Accountant.

Mark Jones of Jones Kinsey Chartered Accountants Shrewsbury will never do my books again. I wouldn't trust him with a Roger Red Hat book never mind the books of accounts for business.

I would tell you what he done to me but he would know who I was which does not bother me for reasons your thinking its down to the fact links he has in other businesses that would effect mine.

I will say one last time do not trust Mark Jones of Jones Kinsey Chartered Accountants Shrewsbury thats a must !!!



Hi, what wrong did Mark Jones as an accountant? Is it worthy to work for him as a trainee, please? Thanks


I will be reporting him to the FCA, I urge everyone to do the same


rubbish do not trust he is a crook


Mark Jones, Aspire Accountants Shrewsbury , previously Jones Kinsey , Not used personally however ex employee has divulged some rather nasty secrets and my suggestion is look elsewhere!

Shrewsbury, England, United Kingdom #783812

Mark Jones of Jones Kinsey is now director of Aspire Accountants Shrewsbury.

Let's see how thw reviews for them fare!


Mark Jones of JonesKinsey now runs Aspire Accountants Shrewsbury.


I bet cos the guy teamed up with a fraud named brian phillips of shrewsbury who 1) cant keep his bits in his pants 2) took many peoples money when knowing he was trading insolvant.Unfortunately Mark thought he to could get in on the act and all became greedy with a potential RAC windfall.

My view for what it is worth is that there are no innocent parties in any of this.Justice appears though to be catching them up.


Mr Mark Jones NO longer has any connection whatsoever with Stobbs & Company Limited in Wellington Telford.

to Anonymous Shrewsbury, England, United Kingdom #739144

whys that then?

Shrewsbury, England, United Kingdom #735191

a bloke gets three years for selling fraudulant insurence and making £500k by selling fake insurence.

brian phillips left £500k off debt to other people last year and took £500k in franchise fees from unsuspecting people whose lifes have been ruined.

three years for brian.. hip hip hooray. hip hip hooray. hip hip hooray


Yet again Brian Phillips from mobi-tyre has placed one more company into administration. Lets take a look at his experience:

Home Tyre - founder but left because he claimed he was a victim of his co-director. :upset

Mobi-tyre - Founder and company placed into liquidation, Brian claims he was a victim of his accountant, leaving 600k of debts. :cry

Mobile Tyre Solutions - trading under name of mobi-tyre. Built large debts & again placed the company into administration. Brian claims he was a victim of a campaign to stop him earning. :x

Currently a new company been set up and continues to trade under the name mobi-tyre - I wonder how long this one will last and who he can blame next. :(

I welcome when the law finally stops people like this targeting other businesses and stealing their goods. I will never understand how one man can continue to trade under the same name after all these debts.

to Rupert Oswestry, England, United Kingdom #732627

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Shrewsbury, England, United Kingdom #700200

Brian are you not in charge nemore?

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"BRIAN! make sur u do a gd job"

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"BRIAN! do u actuially no how to fit tyres?"

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"BRIAN! Is there anything els boked in?"

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"BRIAN! How we goin to liv of £20 a week?"

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"BRIAN! Why wont neone sell us tyres?"

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"BRIAN! why have all our tyr fitters left?"

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Liverpool, England, United Kingdom #686386

Where are u know brian philips?kwik fit trouble shooter *** mega businessman in shrewsbury.

turned conman. still pretending to be a know it all business man? i dont think yio have a lcue. three failed businesses in 3 years.

4 even u include the tyre at home franchise business u startd with

how can u survive on 2 tyres a day? listen if u need to borrow some moeny ive got a bit that mark jones tucked away for me. its a sizeable amount. all i ask in return is an interest controlling interest in your phisical assest.

bank wont lend u an money and this is a little bit cheapr than wonga. ud sell anything for moeny wont you brian.ud even sell yr mother down the swaney and yr girlfriend and your managers.

oh i forgot...u actually did haha!

Telford, England, United Kingdom #669725

It is disgusting to see that this whole post has been started maliciously by disgruntled and totally unpleasant ex client.

These posts should be vetted before they are displayed and facts checked, there are many hard working people working for Jones Kinsey Accountants.

The original post is pure and utter rubbish and as far as I can see has no factual basis. I’m glade that people are able to see through these negative and unpleasant comments.

The author of most of these posts should step up to the plate, take responsibility for YOUR mistakes and spend the time you wasted on here and direct it to your own failing business.

I am and remain to be a very happy client and have received a good level of service for many years .


It is difficult to describe just how bad an accountant this man is.

All the negative comments about the dishonest Mark Jones are true.

He gives poor uninformed advice, cannot use sage and is extremely unreliable.

to John #668349

evun mor difficult to deacribe from behind bars godber


I used Mark Jones (up to 6 months ago) for some simple straightforward accounting to take the stress out of having to manage it myself, unfortunately, dealing with Mark (when you could get hold of him as voicemails or commitments to return calls never really materialised) caused much more stress.

I was given erroneous, outdated advice and even advised not to pay Corporation Tax (i want to bring my tax bill down not to evade it).

I often found myself advising Mark on the best course of action for my accounts.

I was sent invoices for work, that we had agreed would not be paid for and even an invoice in error, which I rejected and questioned, the response, we will withhold your accounts until its paid. :upset

In summary: bad/illegal advice, atrocious customer service, hidden costs, no piece of mind

There are plenty of good, efficient accountants out there, no reason to choose this one.

to Dave Shrewsbury, England, United Kingdom #665646

I used 2b a big nob national tyre fitting franchiser.I had vans all over the country.

working with big national breakdown company's.

call centre the work.I was a big shot.

now i am fitting tyres myself and claim housing benefit.

Shrewsbury, England, United Kingdom #652964

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Milton Keynes, England, United Kingdom #622838

I love the way that Brian Phillips always blames everyone else other then himself. Never does he take the blame for any wrong doings that he has done in the past. The fact that he is on here trying to blame his accountant for the errors that he has been doing for years. The reason he failed is for the very same reason, he never listens to others and its his way or no way.....

Look at this post made on here just a few months ago, does this sound like the Brian that he is trying to protrail himself here as?

Quoted from Pissed Consumer "mobi-tyre":

I tried mobi-tyre as a franchise and paid huge amount of my redundancy on it, all I can say is it never worked for me. I agree with the early comments on this site, there is plenty of evidence to show that things are not going right and maybe the USP is not right for a successful business for anyone. As for the person who wrote the positive comments I suggest you take your head out of your *** and look around you. The lord gave us 2 ears to listen with but only 1 mouth perhaps Brian you should open your ears more and your mouth less!!  The mobi-tyre you describe is not one that I was part of and I feel cheated, and to say that I failed because I did not work hard is utter rubbish. I gave it everything I had and put as much as I could into it including the loss of my wife.  During my term with mobi-tyre I know of at least 8 people who gave up through various reasons 1 through ill health and the others are through the lack of business and funds to continue. I need to hold myself back from losing my tempter and typing a rage of abuse, but when you have been promised the world and those promises turn out to be empty it’s hard not to be annoyed. If you are telling people that all these comments are posted from your competitors then you really do need to read them again. Like me they were asking for help, they want a voice to share their experience and to feel their failure has been heard and maybe learned from. Fact: I asked for help and got none Fact: I worked my socks off too and got little from it Fact: Charges to franchisees are £2.50 per invoice + 3% marketing + 7% franchise fee. You also need to pay insurance / fuel / loans / tyre consumables / tyres & batteries / running cost to vehicle anything left after that is yours. Fact : It is so  easy to blame lazy franchisees but just think if these comments are not from a competitor perhaps someone should take notice. Fact: You will find your promised so much but there is no evidence to support it. Fact: I know of at least 2 people who left mobi-tyre and set up alone and are doing great when they are in charge of their own destiny. Fact: I lost over 30k and am only now starting to rebuild my life. Fact: Mobi-tyre has already been reported to watch dog, I know because I did it and they tell me I was not alone!!! Fact: STOP BLAMING your competitors and start looking at yourself and how YOU have impacted on the lives of many people who were trying to better themselves.

Shrewsbury, England, United Kingdom #622370

I would asdvise customer not to use this company and find a new company to fit your tyres.... I beleive there is a very similar company based in Shrewbury and they too come to your HOME with TYREs.

I like your comments about Mark not posting is the best option and i agree, why would he want to join this circus. And those that have already posted seem to have proved that he is a victim of a company tyring to find fault elsewhere other then looking in the closest mirror.

to "O" mm "O" #622473

Personal vendetta on this one we think, Look lets keep the silly comments to reality please, there is more to think about than bringing personal lives into this play fair. There has been many complaints about Jones Kinsey which we have been told there has been 7 in the last couple of weeks to authorities also learning that other clients that have been messed up by Jones Kinsey won't release accounts either! Now there has to be some truth to this.

Shrewsbury, England, United Kingdom #622343

Thank you, will not be for a while yet.

I take it from your post mobi-tyre is surviving on and will continue to trade... a good sign.

One more good sign will be that the differences as stated here can also be resolved and the two companies are able to move forward for the benifet of all the staff involved.

Good luck

Shrewsbury, England, United Kingdom #621992

Oh I forgot to mention i have no comments about Mobi-tyre and have used them a lot for my car and also found the service to be good. It is a shame that people are loosing work in Shrewsbury. Is any of the guys setting up on their own so that i can still get my mobile tyre service?

It is such a shame that things can be aired in public so much but i wish you all luck in finding new employment.

to Customer #622060

Hi customer,

Thanks for your words about Mobi-tyre happy to say we are still employed!! So call the same number and you will still recieve the same service. :grin

to Dear customer Shrewsbury, England, United Kingdom #622982

I did try calling the number just to get a quote for my boss.They said i would get a call back but no one called me back.

Should I try again? Loved the service before.

please call me.Thanks bud

to Customer #624730

Please do call again we would still be happy to assist you.

Shrewsbury, England, United Kingdom #621983

I dont think anyone can accuse Mark of not being a Chartered Accountant.His certificates are proudly displayed and i guess for anyone unsure there will be a overseeing body that you could check with.

I note the only person on here who is not defending himself is Mark, I guess he does not even know this conversation is on here.

If he does I wonder he staying silent is the best option and not getting involved with this tit for dat argument.

I repeat ive never had a problem with my books and he does a good job for me.


I have been reading the posts as I nearly used Mark Jones of Kinsey Jones as my accountant but something didn't seem right about him. Has anyone actually done a background check on him, ie did he actually work for PWC in London? Whether he is actually a chartered accountant as there is no record of him on the ICAS directory for registered chartered accountants, yes there is a mention of a Mark Jones working for Price waterhouse and coopers but is it the same Mark Jones who is the director of Kinsey Jones?????

All you have is his word about his background, but from what I knew of him he was all talk!! Yes he was very plausible and to anyone who was a little gullible you would think he knew what he was talking about!!

I feel for those who trusted him as he was obviously playing with a lot of honest peoples lives for his own personal gain.

Shrewsbury, England, United Kingdom #621901

I have been a client of Mark Jones for over 10 years and i have no complaints. His team have done great work and over time have saved my plenty of money with their professional advice.

I have no idea what this complaint is about and i would recommend Mark to anyone.

London, England, United Kingdom #621064

well I have to say that the grammar and punctuation of these posts is diabolical.Why is that important?

attention to detail.Those of you who have lost financially with mobi tyre are all victims of this, even myself, however I had the forsight to see what was coming and took action some time ago to safeguard my business.It is true that Mr Phillips was economical with the truth and you get the flavour that his empire was rolling over eggshells, full steam ahead.Who were the eggs?, that would be us. As for Mr Mark Jones I have only had the pleasure of speaking to him on one occassion, I found his attitude aggresive,however I can not form an opinion on Mr Mark Jones from this one event.It does appear that Mr Phillips and or Mr Jones will be looking at some porridge in the near future.Personally I hope that both individuals do not become some ones *** in shrewsbury klink I would not wish that on them or anybody.I do feel sorry for the employee,s but it is common place for companies to fold and people to lose thier jobs, they will move on. As for the rest of you reading this post you will also move on, but taking with you the experience that you have gained, remember when in business your business comes first and foremost, it takes no prisoners, period. If you let your heart rule your head you will fail.

Put this behind you and move on.For those of you looking for compensation I wish you well, in my experience it is a long hard road that is time consuming and expensive with limited results.Fate will take its course and we are sure to see the results for Messer Phillips/Jones,probably in the public domain.On a sobering thought for brian and mark: To have worked so hard towards building an empire that could be looked at with envy by competitor, and have it come crashing down with so many c asualties must be a heavy burden to bear for any one, CLINK do I hear the cell doors closing!!

to franchisee Chester, England, United Kingdom #621075

Really helpful boys thanks

to franchisee Manchester, England, United Kingdom #621086

Who should be locked up ? Stones and glass houses come to mind!!!!

to franchisee #622469

The comment that was on here stating that the Franchisee comment was either Shaun Clare or his Partner Rajeev Gupte has been removed possible because their was a link?If you type on google Shaun Clark Maidstone then will show who should be locked up???

Speculation annoys the *** out of me.Personal vendetta is disgusting and should keep to the truth.

like said on the comment Brian took used from Mark Jones Chartered Accountant which is the same category as solicitor or Barrister is that a crime as Mark had us all fooled :(


Right I have now got to be careful on what I write as now the police are involved also other authorities in order to investigate.

I have made my posts completely transparent of which posts I have left on here so please stop with vendetta talk as not worth reading.

The person that wrote I was the Director so buck stops with me is completely right and take that on the chin with any apologies that are deserved.

When you’re a Director you have to surround your self with people that you trust to help run a company which I had some good management.

I had a good Operations Manager to run the day to day business

I had a Franchise Manager to train, and deal with their problems

Now I am sorry as yes I was Director so final say with myself but as a Director you except the things your good at and things your not which you then rely on the team around you for advise.

Now we had the opportunity of teaming up with a massive brand which Mark Jones was the Companies accountant who worked closely with us to get this contract, preparing all the business models, attending meetings acting as FD of the company. When decisions was being made he would state that he was the best to advise as he worked at top account firm in London and knew what he was talking about.

We approached the bank as Mark had worked out it was going to cost around £250,000 to obtain the contract.

The bank had agreed in principle they would finance this which they wanted a set of management accounts, the bookkeeper messed this up completely as she was advised not to put things on the system by myself the Director but chose to ignore me and still entered on working out it had been double entered??? Now this never came to light until Mark Jones had entered the management accounts to the bank and got refused.

I as you could imagine was not happy with the so called bookkeeper as she had not done what she was told. When I spotted what had happened I said to Mark Jones who’s said no you can’t tell the bank what had happened as would make us look incompetent. Which now believe he meant him?

Mark then introduced us to an investor which we had the chance of others, we called a management meeting which Mark advised the one we went with was the best option for us stating that I would be having half of the investors company and a large working capitol coming in for the contract. The decision I never made by myself we made as a management team excepting Marks advise as he was the firm accountant believing he would know best as he stated he worked for PWC in London.

Mark Jones never secured the deal of myself having half of the other company which he was meant to do with transfer shares etc saying it was all in hand. The investor which I am not going to slate but never really delivered what was agreed as we were meant to have in two lumps sums £567,000. We were looking into TV campaigns etc which I still have the emails about and the investment that came in was in drib and drabs but again Mark was meant to have all the agreements drawn up but failed to.

Now yes I was the director but all directors or head of companies put a team around them which you have to believe in and can honestly say the 2 weak links was the bookkeeper which messed the whole sage accounts up not being able to produce Management accounts costing the company in pushing forward and extreme amount of thousands of pounds and poor direction of the Chartered accountant that was acting as a F-D within the company which was the role he wanted as the company grew.

Now Mark was suspended from his role as Director on the 1st of March for suspected abnormal activity within the new company which once all the investigations have been done should give you the truth but the problem is that he has refused to give back up of the accounts, bank statements and all relevant paperwork.

Now I am not saying it is correct what I am about to say as I can only put factual on here as it is being investigated but makes me suspect that he is altering the books to hide his suspected abnormal activity, also was brought to my attention by another businessman of why he wanted existing company put straight into liquidation of what he was trying to hide which again I am not stating that as fact but makes you wonder?

Sorry or not going into a *** fight on here but I can only put the FACTS during the investigation.

Shrewsbury, England, United Kingdom #620940

The people who are most badly affected are the employees, perhaps people should consider this before they start making *** comments when they dont know the facts.Everything that has been done this week has been to secure the jobs of the employees.

The bookeeper saw what was happening and CHOSE to do NOTHING How are people ment to pay their mortgages???? Jones Kinsey should be avoided like the plague. The only people that find this funny are the ones that dont care about anyone apart from themselves.

The ones who only see their own personal vendettas not the implications of their actions you should be so ashamed those people trusted Jones Kinsey where is their pay ????bet you got paid this week MARK JONES and CRISSY WILLIAMS cant wait until the police catch up with you.


Brian Philips won't admit that it is him or Lorraine writing the posts as they are cowards and like to blame others part from there selves.Brian philips always has / have an will put him self first no matter.

He doesn't care how it effects others he doesnt give two *** as long as he is saving/covering his own back.As they say what goes around comes around.

London, England, United Kingdom #620858

I have nothing to do with either of these companies as a trainee commerciallawyer I was interested to read the previous post referring to not tradingwhile insolvent because of an investor. To me this seems to fall short of the law, unless that investor acts as aguarantor for any debts obtained during the period concerned.As thiscompany has been placed into voluntary liquidation with what appears to besubstantial debts this was not the case.  Therefore it is reasonable tosuggest that just because an investor has money in the bank it does notlegate the company Director(s) keeping the company accounts in the black andsolvent.    If the company concerned was trading as a limited company and therefore theDirectors could be guilty of "Wrongful Trading" as defined by legal statute.There are two tests that a court of law will consider for solvency definedin Section 123 of the Insolvency Act 1986, being 1) are your assets exceededby your liabilities and 2) are you failing to discharge your debts as andwhen they fall due.

If you satisfy either criteria then you are insolvent inaccordance with the definition of the same in the legislation.There is also the criminal offence of "fraudulent trading" contrary to s993Companies Act 2006.This occurs where a person (probably, but notnecessarily, a director) is "knowingly party" to the business of a companybeing carried on "with intent to defraud creditors" or "for any fraudulentpurpose".Fraudulent trading necessarily involves dishonesty.The maximum penalty for fraudulent trading is 10 years imprisonment.Not sure if that helps but may help to give people full facts. 

Preston, England, United Kingdom #620850

phillips if you are going to post on here at least post as yr self and not pretend to be an employee or lorane or anyone else. you did that on the mobityre entry last year on here and pretended to be nathan and pretended to be a franchisee.

if we have to believe all this are you saying that a clever businessman with 25 years experience in business and industry,a pillar of the community, a charitable man. a big shot in shropshire. a man who ws clever enough to deal with the nations biggest recovery firm for a major contract. you even advised and invested in other businesses.are you saying you werent able to make your own decisions and relied on a two bit accountant?

if we are believe you are that naive, why did you let 17+ failed franchisees invest £30k each in a business that was effectively run by a thieving accountant.

you let this happen mate and in the end you have to take responsibility. like the man says, grow a pair. you were the managing director of mobi-tyre. the buck stops with you. admit to everyone here that you failed them through your bad judgement. then we'll move on and we canall slate jones.

By the way i was never going to invest in you. and just so you know you are not allowed to use an investment to pay your creditors. so you WERE trading insolvent.


Well I do know them both and all I can say is Brian was naive in marks advise as I don't want to mention my name for the reason above. Mark Jones has poorly advised on the company since the day he become brans accountant . I can confirm mark has miss conduct his powers as chartered accountant which I can Leo confirm that.Brian was not trading unlawfully as insolvent as he had a investor in order to obtain a large contract the only thing I will say Brian is guilty in believing in people and don't be so *** next time dot the I and cross the t's you *** as you will get people like mark who is alright if your not work related to him but will take advantage for his own gain which Brian always consulted with with total wrong advise since he met mark so mark in this situation is in the wrong I'm afraid

Oxford, England, United Kingdom #620511

I could not defend Mark Jones and would never defend Brian Phillips but having heard much of the facts from an indepedant source they both are to blame.

Mobi-tyre has been in financial difficulties for well over a year... and both Brian and Mark even visited the liquidator back in early 2012 to discuss it's take over. After that date mobi tyre continued to trade knowing that they were trading while insolvant. They continued to take peoples money by selling franchises, allegedly over 20k worth of fraud per franchise which is currently being investigated by authorities.

Check on pissed consumer for mobi-tyre and read some of the complaints... to me they sound similar and the things Brian complains about here are very similar to the things people complained about him.


You was the firms book keeper, You could see the amount of funds your accounts firm was taking,

You would not give any cash flow, management reports, bank statements, sakes figures, documentation for sales nothing, we had one cash flow which shown Jones Kinsey which was paid £8640 in weeks from the 17th Decemeber to 11th Feb which that all the cashflow shown on dates with another £2820 on payment dates 18th Feb and 25th Feb and when we questioned looked in the eye and just said he was expensive. so please ensure you are right in your facual statement. It was you employer your defending who put Mobi-tyre said to put straight into Liquidation again with witnesses willing to give statements. Someone you classed as a friend which he promised to keep on then laid off in few days along with 3 others and still to this day not paid her. There is plenty of evidence here who is at blame including recorded telephone conversations and emails. You failed to get in touch with previous customers and when questioned you sent about 10 letters when should of been so much more than that with no follow calls saying letter was suffice. That man promised he was going to sort everyone out in front of witnesses including you who are willing to give statements. yet you worked with him every day and failed to secure that so dont you dare come on here blaming any one else. You can ask the ops manager and other staff how much i tried to secure you and that is fact and you know it but tell a different story. Mark Jones back dated a letter to staff stating they were all out of work to the 1st of March but he was so clever as he done by recorded delivery on the 5th. The lads was in tears tonight after YOU text them saying that they were not getting paid. No week hand no hol pay nothing.. Your boss bought a car from auction for £5500 which lasted 3 weeks then engine packed up and sold to the company he been taking large amounts of money from for £5500 to get his money back and you tell me thats ok???? which when asked to recredit even weeks later up till last week said he wouldn't it sat round back needing new engine not moved for months.

Now believe me its far from over and have reported to all authorities to start a full investigation in to your company so we will soon find out who is at fault !!!!


If there is anyone to blame in all this it is Brian Philips NOT mark jones!B.Philips screwed everyone over, watching the business fall apart but yet still did nothing!

Don't push the blame on to someone else when everyone knows its your fault! Grow a pair of balls and man up! Take responsibility for once in your god *** life and stop blaming others! You put all these people into debt.

You have ruined peoples lives.You have messed up the business and all your clients know it too!

to anonymous #620479

why are you trying to slate something that has nithing to do with the original post which shows you are trying to cover up for Mark Jones i done my background research before choosing my accountant and i found a series of bad reviews about Mark Jones the so called PROFESSIONAL of a chartered accountantsy before you start blameing someone which looks like a personal dig grow up and take the blame for your own company


Mark jones of jones kinsey is a joke ggive your books to a five year old to do they would be more accurate if you want to get fleeced then jones is the man for the job and his band of merry trainees crissy Williams and co will be sure to *** over you have been warned keep away from mark jones and jones kinsey

Chester, England, United Kingdom #620060

Firstly you should only comment if you know facts do to attack Brian on only knowing one side then should keep opinion to your self but hey keep talking on her as will.bring higher up on rankings lol.What you don't know is Brian.tried protecting every one all way thru so.again get facts right.

We have not been paid today SD the result of Jones kinnsey which includes your friend who had stood by and watch all this happen. Your friend which I know your standing by here was secured in the deal with mark Jones but she failed no one else but her failed to have the agreement drawn up with him even as dhe works with him everyday. I also know Brian again tried pushing for her agreement as I seen the minutes prepared by Jones kinnsey only 2weeks ago as she failed after 3 months.

What I'm saying here is not to argue with you but if you don't know both sides then keep your opinion to ypur self.But please keep leaving comments in order to.bring up.on front page lol.

to Anonymous Sheffield, England, United Kingdom #620160

It seems to me that the very thing that you accuse nrm of is the exact same thing that all the posts are doing. I dont see a fair representation in any of the post and I only see a one sided and judgemental view.

Perhaps you should practice what you preach and get the facts straight. Neither of these 2 characters are innocent in this whole unpleasant affair and both set out only to look after self interests.

What is true there are many people out there who have been adversely affected by the actions of these two. Quite rightly there should be an official investigation into both parties and I hope justice will be seen.

I hope those innocent parties caught up in these sordid events can re gain financial stability and re build their businesses. As for Jones and Phillips may the law catch up with you.

Preston, England, United Kingdom #620040

seems that you cud replace the words Mark Jones in this post with Brian Phillips and it wud all still be true.

What goes round comes round eh? Cos your not the most honest man in the world a ru? You purposely liquidated a company and left half a million of debt. ruined lots of lives and lots of businesses. you were a banned director way before Jones. Jones set up a company under your instruction. You were thick as thieves and now its backfired.

Where were you when people needed you. oh i know, your victims rang and rang and you were always to busy to answer.

One team? MY ***! Hopefully you will never sell another tyre in your life.

Hows your g/f err i mean sister in law by the way?

to nrm Sheffield, England, United Kingdom #620472

seems to me your hiding behind this business discussion to vent personal vendetta. You definetly need to take a step back and get all the facts of the goings on because you obviously don't no a lot

Sheffield, England, United Kingdom #620025

Well said Brian of ex mobi-tyre not im not sure of your facts and with maybe a few axes to grind I guess.

You both deserve each other and I think karma has worked well.

to oh dear #620482

You seem to be going after Brian Phillips for personal issues i think you need to read the original post and stop targeting one person

Fareham, England, United Kingdom #620018

Mark Jones of Jones Kinsey Accountants Shrewsbury

Mark Jones of Jones Kinsey Chartered Accountant Shrewsbury who was the accountant to a Company took full advantage of his Chartered Accountant position putting that company straight into Liquidation which we now believe it was to hide his mistakes setting up New company as sole Director only having a 20% taking Large amounts of funds from New company to pay his own accountancy firm Jones Kinsey not paying any suppliers, has totally stripped company back, A car he had brought from auction for £5500 and the engine packed up deceitfully sold to New Company for the full amount in order to get his money back as it is now worth about £1800, has not paid phone bills which are been cut off in the region of about £13500 which has been detrimental to the company. Is a Director of a company called Shropshire savings and loans lending money to New Company at very high interest rates

He was put on notice of suspension and to have no involvement on the 1st march 2013 by the majority share hold after taking advise from solicitor for his miss conduct of the Directorship depending an investigation and requested to attend meeting to answer to his behaviour but refusing to come

Was asked for his accountancy firm to cease all work for New Company and to forward full back up of accounts and bank statements which he has refused to do as all books are kept at his Jones kinsey office.

Since Notice he has sent out letters to all staff with their P45 with the letter back dated 1st March but sent recorded delivery on the 5th March 2013

Has cancelled Cheque to supplier of vans stating for them to come and collect them

Has been on the phone to a Major Contract which Company has teamed up with screaming down the phone to him trying to damage the relationship with major contract where by they put the phone down

Stopped fuel cards

Not Paid a phone bill in region of £13500

Saying the company has ceased trading in order to hide a multiple of sins to close company and suspect entering it into Liquidation to hide evidence

Refusing to sign signatory over at the bank

We have always asked for bank statements from day one which he would never produce which now shows why we are suspecting money laundering between the companies he is Director of

The list goes on and on which Mark Jones Chartered accountants Shrewsbury needs investigating

Mark Jones of Jones Kinsey Accountants Shrewsbury has totally fleeced the company not paying suppliers etc in order to benefit him self


Failure to pay wages - Mark Jones of Jones Kinsey Chartered Accountants Shrewsbury FACT

Failure to maintain business relationships - Mark Jones of Jones Kinsey Chartered Accountants Shrewsbury FACT

Failure to pay accounts - Mark Jones of Jones Kinsey Chartered Accountants Shrewsbury FACT

Failure to reply to emails, letters or to return phonecalls of stated importance. Mark Jones of Jones Kinsey Chartered Accountants Shrewsbury FACT

False motives - Mark Jones of Jones Kinsey Chartered Accountants Shrewsbury FACT

Paying Jones Kinsey Chartered Accountants Shrewsbury extreme amount of funds before paying suppliers in order for the company to run. - Mark Jones of Jones Kinsey Chartered Accountants Shrewsbury FACT

Purchase Mitsubishi Warrior L2000 from auction for £5,500 pounds, after three weeks engine broke - requires new engine. Not to lose money, falsely sold it to company for £5,500 in order to get his money back. And this vehicle is worth £1,800 requiring a new engine. - Mark Jones of Jones Kinsey Chartered Accountants Shrewsbury FACT

Damage reputation - Mark Jones of Jones Kinsey Chartered Accountants Shrewsbury FACT

No good comes from contact with this poor excuse of a human being.

These are all FACTS - Mark Jones is not a business man, he is a fraudster.

to Anonymous Fareham, England, United Kingdom #619326

I am an employee of the so called Company that Mark Jones of Jones Kinsey Chartered Accountants Shrewsbury confesses he rescued which i will confirm all the information that has bee listed is factual

Mark Jones of Jones Kinsey Chartered Accountants Shrewsbury was put on suspension from Major shareholder on the 1st of March 2013 which Maqrk Jones has failed to stick to telephoning major contracts for the company to damage the business. Falsely sent letter with P45 dated the 1st March the day he was suspended by recorded delivery dated 5th March.

Mark Jones of Jones Kinsey Chartered Accountants Shrewsbury has hardly paid any bills for the company leaving company in dire straights but has managed to pay Jones Kinsey Chartered Accountants Shrewsbury thousands of pounds in a very short period of time.

Mark Jones of Jones Kinsey Chartered Accountants Shrewsbury should really not be trusted by anyone as he has wrecked so many lives.

to Anonymous Sheffield, England, United Kingdom #620483

As Mark Jones was suspended as MD of Mobi Tyre on 1st Mar, what has he and his side kick Crissy Williams been doing this past week, involving themselves in Mobi-Tye business....Oh I get it, covering their tracks from the shambolic way they have been running their affairs...Hope Mark Jones of Jones Kinsey gets run out of town. Watch this space

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